one more averaged experts rankings: kickers

gary anderson

I probably won’t draft a kicker unless I’m forced to fill my roster. Maybe, I’ll take one in the last round or two. I know a lot of people feel similarly, so this list is probably not the most useful. However, you can at least use it to grab the best guy available when you finally do take a kicker. There’s so little difference between the kickers that I’m not going to put them in tiers. The tiers are only really useful if you’re trying to decide between positions during the draft. I hope that no one is picking a kicker over a player that might contribute to your team. It’s not that kickers aren’t good point scorers. It’s simply that there is very little difference in the number of points that they score. For the sake of consistency rather than utility, standard deviation follows mean rank follows name. Also, I’m only listing twenty spots. I can’t think of a reason to list more.


1. Vinatieri 1.92 1.38
2. Wilkins 3.06 1.43
3. Kaeding 3.12 2.57
4. Gould 5.10 2.38
5. Graham 5.46 2.85
6. Rackers 7.35 2.54
7. Stover 8.08 3.07
8. Elam 8.12 3.01
9. J. Brown 8.91 2.11
10. Akers 11.68 5.42


11. Scobee 11.77 5.42
12. Gostkowski 12.22 4.21
13. Hanson 12.38 4.31
14. Mare 13.58 3.76
15. Nedney 15.04 2.74
16. Kasay 16.45 3.73
17. Nugent 18.27 2.24
18. Lindell 18.55 4.08
19. Reed 19.00 3.05
20. Feely 19.58 4.23


I have none of my usual erudite comments for this list. I hope that you like the pictures. I will try to provide an update to these lists in a few weeks when we get a bit closer to the start of the season and more people are drafting.

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