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I’m a huge fan of passive aggression. This site is so right up my alley. Hilarious.

An interview with DJ Too Tuff, of the infamous golden age Philly rap group Tuff Crew.

The definitive Rickey Henderson. I would have included the story from Moneyball, where a confused, minor league Rickey keeps stealing bases when his coach gives him the takeoff sign.

I’d just like to go on the record as saying that I find little levity in stories about drug dealing and street crime. Drug dealing midgets, however, are a different story. The first line of the article is absolute gold.

DJ PRZM, best known by me as the producer behind Camu Tao’s ‘Hold The Floor’ has passed away.

People in New York apparently have started throwing CD’s out because they don’t have any use for them. [Subscription required]

Tiny turtles are coming back! Huzzah!

Bun B is that dude. Great interview. Hopefully, one day, the UGK record will actually come out. He’s also started blogging.

The top ten videos of snakes fighting various creatures. As I typed this I noticed that there was a tiny bug inside the stylish clear plastic that comprises the base of my Apple keyboard. I killed it by using the spacebar with extreme prejudice.

Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature. I find this sort of thing interesting, but don’t put too much stock into it. Number 8, about why men have a mid-life crisis is pretty hilarious.

An interesting idea over at Games for Lunch. How much fun is the first hour with a game. Honestly, I think this might be more important than usual reviews, which tend to focus on a lot of things that the average player doesn’t deal with.

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I’m sorry about the age of some of these links, but it’s been awhile since I started compiling them. I think they’re mostly still humorous. It can be trying to find good links sometimes….

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links links links

I spend too much time on the internet. Reap the bounty of my wretched wanderings!

Plunk Biggio – The statistical analysis on this blog is astounding. Each post must take hours. And that it is in the service of tracking and breaking down Craig Biggio’s march towards the all time HBP record just makes it sweeter.

The legend of Bo lives on. Has there ever been an athlete quite like Bo?

It’s a testament to my poor decision making that I would include a link like this. But if you’ve spent any amount of time at all in a store dedicated specifically to videogames you’re sure to hear some dingy stuff. PreOrderPushers is like Overheard in New York, except in EB’s and whatnot.

A look at the top athlete/rappers. I would have replaced the Andre Rison/Ghostface joint with the Ricky Watters/Method Man track as the obligatory NFL Jams track. (If Shaq Diesel is the Paid In Full of professional athlete rapper albums, then NFL Jams has to be In Control, Vol. 1) And why not include the odious K.O.B.E. by Kobe Bryant featuring Tyra Banks on the hook? Also, any post that mentions Roy Jones Jr. as a musician should be legally obligated to include a reference to Y’all Must Have Forgot.

If you ever come into work mad hungover, just watch this for about fifteen minutes. I assure you things will seem different.

I’m a simple man and, as such, it really doesn’t take much to keep me amused. The fun never stops over at, the premise of which is self explanatory. Although, my friend over at Makeup Loves Me posed a salient question when she asked ‘Why would I want to look at pictures of douchebags?’ I guess I don’t have a good response for that.

A collection of No Limit album covers. I miss seeing Pen and Pixel art from the late 90’s all over record stores. And, proving that time heals all wounds, I kind of miss No Limit. Come back Silkk the Shocker, all is forgiven!

John Hollinger of ranks the ’96 Bulls as the top Finals team in the past 30 years. While I’m a little surprised at the ranking, Hollinger is a serious stathead and the Bulls had one of the most statistically dominent seasons ever that year. And they won 87 games that season. That probably had something to do with it too. What I was more surprised by was seeing four of the six Bulls title teams (’96, ’91, ’97, ’92) in the top ten.

Following a comment on my fantasy football post, I found, which is currently featuring in depth fantasy profiles of AFC teams. Real good work, I hope he keeps it up.

Live in New York and want a new bag? Beers for Bags is your answer!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. I’ll be back next week with more fun and excitement.

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Link Roundup

Here’s a little link roundup, mostly from recent news. Besides avoiding my little niece’s tantrums, I didn’t have much to do today, so I decided to collect some links from the past few days. Some of these links are from last week, some are new. A vicious cold prevented me from motivating to post sooner. Anywho, from sports to animal news, have fun.



I make medicine sick. – I guess sales of the lean, mean, fat-reducin’ machine are flagging. I don’t really understand what drives George Foreman.

Josh Hancock, Estate v. Mike Shannon – Arguments about dram shop liability aside, I bet Hancock wouldn’t be happy about this lawsuit on his behalf.

Upper Deck Bidding On Topps – Does this effect the price of my crates of Topps complete sets? Ah, the heady days of youth spent painstakingly sorting and cataloging in the semi-darkness of my shuttered room…. Sorry, I realize that this boring and pointless news, but I really have a lot of nearly worthless baseball cards that will probably turn to dust before they increase in value.

Stealing Home – I must not let this clip fool me into watching televised baseball.

World Record Stone Skipping – This clip is many orders of magnitude worse than the clip directly above. I hope he has teenage children and I bet they’re very proud of him.

animal heads


Even Bigger Hogzilla – I’m not so surprised that this story didn’t turn out to be entirely true. link I’m more surprised that pigs get so big. Here’s a 2500+ pounder. Also, that kid who shot the well-cared for, fenced-in, recently feral pig, he seems cool in an exactly-how-I-would-picture-an-Alambaman-Dudley-Dursey kind of a way.

Snakes On A Plane – How do you fit 700 snakes in a carry-on bag?

Dinosaurs On Noah’s Ark – Why not? If you are already willing to ignore science to the extent of denying evolution, why not throw a little more crazy in the mix? If you would like to see how crazy people spend $27 million, click here.

Endangered Species For Dinner – Killing a pangolin without modern equipment isn’t very difficult. You first find the harmless, slow-moving beast curled up in a frightened, little armored ball, then you pick it up. It’s only between softball and bowling ball in size and not too heavy. As you walk home, you toss the little ball as high as you can in the air letting it fall to the ground. Eventually, the docile, toothless creature succumbs to the repeated drops and relaxes its armor as it dies. Bon appetit.

France Says “Me Too” – China hardly has a monopoly on the acceptable consumption of interesting and adorable animals. But I mean, who doesn’t want to eat a dumpster full of horse heads?

The Lost Tribe of Elephants – This story about Elephants taking refuge from war- and poacher-ravaged Sudan makes me feel like giving money to animal charities. When this happens, I take a minute to look at my student loan bill.



Uranium For Sale – Ultra high grade uranium sold out? Hmm. Now, what will I put in my rock tumbler?

Cornishman Stays Awake For 11 Days – Apparently, the Cornish are good at staying awake but bad at doing research into the most current world record and whether Guinness even cares.

Deadly Lake – I feel lucky never to have discovered a town full of dead people.

I hope you enjoyed these links. They took me ever so long to find. Sorry about the rock skipping one. Here’s a tiny turtle to make up for it.

tiny turtle

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viral infections

I meant to do a whole bunch of posting during the weekend, but I’ve become quite ill and haven’t been on the ball. It was nice to watch the Bulls win on Sunday, but my optimism regarding the rest of the series remains low. Nevertheless, I’ll be watching tonight as they attempt chapter two of ‘The Greatest Comeback in NBA Playoff History’.

Anyway, in lieu of my hilarious and poignant commentary I’ve included a slew of links:

Celebrity DJ’s? Socialite DJ’s? Whatever the hell you call them they’re officially a trend.

Village Voice profile on Lil Mama. She’s the coolest.

Clublife blog. One angry bouncer in Chelsea.

Ever wanted to listen to really obscure 78’s, but didn’t have the equipment to take them with you on the subway? Put your fears to rest.

When you play a practical joke, you first must consider the physical and emotional fallout of said joke to the victims before you proceed. Especially when the victims are a vast swath of the midwest and you’re Rick Ankiel.

I’ve watched literally hundreds of NBA games and managed to keep my composure throughout the balance of them, but Davis’ dunk made me jump up and scream ‘oh, baby!’ The video replay of the dunk will be a shining beacon to all those who accept its healing power. Much like the Human Highlight Reel’s, uh, highlight reel.

A talk with M.O.P.’s Billy Danze. Beware the rap/metal hybrid.

More to come tomorrow….

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